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The encrypted electronic vault

for secured and legal archiving

Online encrypted electronic vault

Referenced by the France Cybersecurity
in the categories “Data security, cryptography”

Compliant with the NF Software certification
in the Digital Safe-Deposit Box Component class

Software designed, developed and operated in France.

Why do you need an encrypted electronic vault?

All your sensitive data in a safe place

When imported into your digital safe, sensitive data is automatically encrypted, guaranteeing its confidentiality vis-à-vis all third parties.

Integrity guarenteed

The document integrity (its inconstestable legal value in court) is guaranteed by the electronic signature, as soon as a document is deposited in the electronic safe.

Compliant with the legal requirements benefits from 4 labels, which makes it the company most labeled for its digital safes.

Event Logging

Logging operations ensures the traceability of documents and data stored in the digital vault.

Ease of use

Creation of an encryption key

Users employ their own encryption key to encrypt and decrypt the documents deposited in their vault.

Document deposit

Documents are automatically encrypted on the user’s workstation before being sent to the vault.

Deposit and encryption certificates

Deposit and encryption certificates are available at any time for all archived documents.


€10 /year
  • 1 user

  • 1 month's free trial

  • 15 Gb included
Small business

€40 /month
  • 5 users

  • 1 month's free trial

  • 15 Gb included

€200 /month
  • 10 users

  • 1 month's free trial

  • 15 Gb included
Medium-size enterprise

€320 /month
  • 15 users

  • 1 month's free trial

  • 15 Gb included
Mid-cap company

€580 /month
  • 50 users

  • 1 month's free trial

  • 15 Gb included
Medium-size enterprise

€2000 /year

  • 25 users

Mid-cap company

€4000 /year

  • 50 users

Large company

€7000 /year

  • 100 users

Very large company

€14000 /year

  • 250 users