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Document Process Outsourcing

Service for paper-free management of outgoing administrative correspondence.

CecurHybrid allows companies and organizations to combine cost reduction with an improved service offering, without the need to change their internal organization.

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Software designed, developed and operated in France.

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Document creation

schéma CecurHybrid
schéma CecurHybrid

Document capture

CecurHybrid replaces the traditional printer by capturing print data and automatically transferring it to the processing platform.

schéma CecurHybrid

Document transfer

Document transfer is carried out automatically by CFT or SFTP via the Web interface for’s electronic vault.

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Hybrid dissemination

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Format conversion

CecurHybrid creates the document, converts it to PDF format, splits it, extracts the metadata and applies the background and routing rules.

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Electronic signature

The CecurHybrid document signature process complies with PAdES standards and is based on qualified certificates.

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Thanks to CecurDepot, administrative documents are routed to the electronic vaults or DTP platform. An email notification is sent on completion of processing.

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Evidential archiving

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Printing and retrieval

Administrative documents are printed as close as possible to the recipient. Once inserted in envelopes, all batches are inspected (integrity and integrality) before franking.

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Archiving in electronic vaults

The digitized documents are archived in electronic vaults. Each recipient has access to their own vault. Issuers can access all documents issued on their own electronic vault.

schéma CecurHybrid
French private cloud hosting
Small Business
month tax excl.
  • Up to 300 documents per month
  • 15 GB included
Medium-size enterprise
month tax excl.
  • Up to 2 500 documents per month
  • 15 GB included
Mid-cap company
month tax excl.
  • Up to 5 000 documents per month
  • 15 GB included