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Communicating Electronic Vault (CFEC)

The e-vault solution with the NF Software label for secure exchange

Communicating Electronic Vault (CFEC)

And its optional CecurDepot module for bulk deposit of documents in the e-vault.

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Integrity of electronic records

Certified deposit

You can download a deposit certificate for an archived document or check an item of evidence at any time. On deposit, the document is electronically sealed and timestamped.

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Electronic registered letter

Use of the vault in secure mailbox mode

It is possible to use the Communicating Electronic Vault as a secure mailbox. It is the equivalent of certified electronic mail.

Document deposit in a third party safe

You can deposit documents in a third party e-vault without access to the documents already in it.

Deposit alerts

Electronic vault holders receive an email notification each time a document is deposited in the e-vault. The vault holder can choose the notification frequency.

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Interoperability and reversibility


Interoperability and reversibility

The Communicating Electronic Vault carries the FNTC Label, awarded by the French Federation of Trusted Third Parties. This is a guarantee of interoperability and reversibility.

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