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Invoice approval

and legal archiving

Approval of incoming invoices and archiving in an EAS

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Software designed, developed and operated in Belgium.

Why do you need DocFlow ?

Start processing digitaly

Manually processing invoices guarantees a loss of documents, a large amount of paper and a relatively long lead time to approve them.

Gain in transparency

It's very difficult to quickly answer a vendor on the question when his invoice will be paid and whose bill is currently being approved for approval? With DocFlow, it's easy to let him know.

Reduce costs and lead times

Digitizing and automating the various operations contribute to a more rational processing process, simplification of the IT structures and enhancement of enterprise productivity.

Archive securely

Automatically archive your documents into our electronic archiving system, compliant with the iso 14641-1 standard.

Approving your incoming invoices with cecurity argus

ARGUS DocFlow manages the progress of the approval of your supplier invoices.

Once digitized, the e-Box solution takes up the incoming invoice and places it automatically on the network. He then handles the document in accordance with the rules described in the approval procedure: In the sender's or amount's order, the invoices are passed along the relevant approval cycle.
The treatment process is therefore greatly accelerated and the invoices are automatically offered for payment at the end of the cycle.

An ergonomic and powerful tool ...

A well-thought-out strategy was elaborated on the applicability of the DocFlow module: ie document display, flow per user, and access to the follow-up of the different flows by an authorized operator. At each step of the process, it is possible to quickly find a document and to know its state of approval. This will allow quick response to the question regarding the status of a particular document.

... and fully integrated into your structure

Other document types can be attached or other document streams that come from your affiliates or partners.
Each approval cycle is adjustable and perfectly complies with the way your billing policy is conducted within your company.
We integrate solutions that grow with this without any modification of existing applications, either your accounting program or your ERP system, which connects perfectly.