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Proof, Exchange , Archiving

Electronic Archival Storage

Electronic Archival Storage

PEA corresponds to the most recently updated version of the STS-WEB and STS Report software currently used by many customers.

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Software designed, developed and operated in France.

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High availability and high capacity

With PEA you can archive and view millions of records at any time and with assured high capacity. PEA lets you archive billions of electronic records.

Archiving of electronic documents and structured files

PEA stores not only electronic documents but also structured files (for example, in .csv format) while also offering easy search capability.

High capacity

The modular architecture is adaptable to accommodate the number of lookups. Ultra-fast access guaranteed.

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Secure preservation

Versatile archiving

The filing plan for the archives is automatically updated. Management of heterogeneous storage environments: EMC Centera, IBM Tivoli Storage Manager, NetApp SnapLock, Hitachi Content Platform, and so on.

The life cycle of records

Complete management of the life cycle and retention period of records is configurable for each document.

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Lookup profiles

Automatic injection

PEA enables data stream capture and control, automatic metadata extraction and management of format conversion. Total autonomy in terms of document injection is guaranteed.

Access to archives

Advanced search and lookup function, rights and permissions management. PEA lets you define who can access which file in a simple and intuitive way.

Medium-size enterprise
year tax excl.
  • Up to 2,500,000 digital objects
Large enterprise
year tax excl.
  • Up to 10,000,000 digital objects
Very large enterprise
year tax excl.
  • Up to 25,000,000 digital objects