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picto 1The electronic statements solution

Simplification, productivity, cost reduction, secure preservation and contributing to sustainable development: certified electronic mail offers businesses significant advantages.

The solution covers sending/receiving administrative electronic mail, provision of the service in a secure space, notification and attestation devices and electronic archiving with evidential value.

Example of certified electronic statements

By way of example, many enterprises are obliged to send statements to their customers at regular intervals. This is especially true in the case of specialized financial companies for statements of securities, accounts or transactions, in accordance with regulations established by the French Financial Markets Regulator (AMF).

To meet this need, the Cecurity solution offers a combination of secure electronic statement notifications to customers, evidential archiving of all statements in an electronic vault and outsourced printing for customers wishing to receive paper statements. On behalf of the financial institution, Cecurity therefore manages the entire process of disseminating mandatory statements and the gradual change to a paper-free solution for recipients.

Issuing organizations can thus, in full compliance with regulatory requirements, benefit from the productivity gains of paper-free processing of statements without this change being perceived as a constraint by their customers. Issuing organizations and their customer base having progressively chosen paper-free statements can easily access all their documents which have the value of digital originals.

Customer benefits

  • Reduced printing and postage costs
  • Increased productivity
  • Secure access to information
  • Compliance with regulatory requirements
  • A new, innovative and loyalty-building service